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The Links - Updated

U P D A T E D   L I N K   L I S T 

Find below the updated link list from my book.

If you find any error or possible additions, please let me know!


Please be reminded that these links are outside of my control which does prohibit me from having any influence on the content the moment you view them. They are however selected in the hope they may be useful.

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S P E C I F I C A T I O N S   A N D   R E F E R E N C E S   O N L I N E 

Organisation Themen Adresse
VITA (VME Industrial Trade Association) VME Bus and related topics, also PMC and Prozessor PMC www.vita.com
PIC MG (PCI Manufacturers Group ) CompactPCI, CompactTCA, AdvancedTCA www.picmg.com
PCISIG (PCI Special Interest Group ) PCIbus in general www.pcisig.com
Intel Processor Documentation x86 CPUs ark.intel.com
Freescale (former Motorola) Processor documentation Power Architecture (was PowerPC), 68k and other processors and DSPs www.freescale.com
GroupIPC Mezzanine modules and manufacturers www.groupipc.com
NSSN Standards search engine - ANSI standards etc. www.nssn.org
IEEE IEEE Internet site with standards information www.ieee.org
The Landfield Group - no longer available. If you know a new one, let us know! References in general  
Merriam Webster Co. WWWebster online reference site www.m-w.com
Dinkum Software ANSI C Standard Documentation No longer available, unfortunately!

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V X W O R K S   A N D   R E A L T I M E   O N L I N E 

Organization Address
Wind River Systems www.windriver.com
WindRiver Developers Network - definitely worth a look! developer.windriver.com
Dedicated Systems Journal and Encyclopedia www.realtime-info.be
Embedded Systems Resources www.eg3.com/real/index.htm and www.eg3.com/realv/index.htm
VXWorks FTP Archive (old, yet interesting!) ftp://ftp.atd.ucar.edu/pub/archive/vxworks
Tornado II FAQ www.xs4all.nl/~borkhuis/vxworks/vxworks.html
More VxWorks FAQs www.faqs.org/faqs/vxworks-faq
VxWorks Experiments www.rt.db.erau.edu/experiments/vx/toc/TableOfContents.htm

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P R O G R A M M I N G   T O O L S 

Organization Address
Free Software Foundation (GNU Project) www.gnu.org
Cygnus Inc., now a part of RedHat Inc. See below.
Open Source Projects at RedHat sources.redhat.com
Source Navigator, a SNIFF look-alike. Next Generation toolset taken over after the original development on Sourceforge passed away. http://sourcenav.berlios.de/
Greenhills Software www.ghi.com
Some Shareware Servers Make sure you pick magazine sites or the home sites for the projects - there are too many "pay for free software" sites around nowadays!

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I N T E R N E T   N E W S 

If you do not have access to a News Server, you should use Google Groups.

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Newsgroup Description
comp.os.vxworks VxWorks Exploder Gatewayed Newsgroup (i.e. Postings
to the Newsgroup appear on the mailinglist vxwexplo@lbl.gov and vice versa)
comp.realtime General realtime-related newsgroup
comp.arch.bus.vmebus VMEbus related Newsgroup (very few postings)
comp.sys.m68k 680x0 processor family related newsgroup
comp.sys.intel Intel processor related newsgroup
comp.sys.powerpc.* PowerPC related newsgroup hierarchy
comp.sys.sun.hardware SPARC hardware related newsgroup
comp.sys.arm ARM RISC Related newsgroup - should also include XScale!
comp.sys.m88k 88xxx processor family related newsgroup
comp.sys.mips MIPS Ryx000 processor family related Newsgroup

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