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R U B B E R B O A T   S A I L O R S 

So what is a Rubber Boat Sailor?!?

Rubber Boat Sailors are a little unusual. On one hand, they want to sail, but they do not own a sailing boat, nor do they buy one. Why?

Rubber Boat Sailors intend to be flexible. They want to be able to simply select a lake, go there, and sail. no matter where the lake is situated. no matter how far away. No matter when. Just like that. Just a parking lot, and access to the water.

It is not that simple, though. You need to be prepared. (or have someone prepare what you need...;-)

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W H A T   D O   Y O U   N E E D ? 

A place to leave the car close to the water
Space for the boat
Access to the water, with enough room to erect the boat's mast
Oh, I forgot: a rubber boat with a sail kit. Available in different versions, from different companies, at different prices. Browse around. Be inspired.

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T H I S   P A G E 

And to deliver much of the information you need - that is this page's goal!

If you have aditional information you would want to see here, Let us know!

have fun reading about a (not very) unusual hobby!

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P L A C E S   T O   S A I L 

Schliersee One of the smaller yet lovelier bavarian lakes, right inside the alps!

Chiemsee Largest bavarian lake. Center of a recreational area.

New Lake! Please fill in this form and send it. The fields in bold are mandatory as we need complete inform...

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